Juniper, Dwarf Japanese Juniper (Juniperus Procumbens Nana)

by Mackey's Farm

If you are looking for a spreading Juniper, but one that is a little less aggresssive than some of the other groundcover types, Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper is your plant. It still covers ground and tolerates sun and poor dry soils as well as any of the others, but it will spread only about 2/3 as much as other groundcover Junipers. It will bring a distinguished, more formal look to the garden with distinct, light to medium green prickly foliage arranged on trailing branches that arch to form a low mound at the plant's center, then stiffly cruise along the soil line through the garden. Plant it in groups or use it singly and enjoy its formal difference!

Characteristics and Attributes:

Color: Green Shades
Height: 6-12 ft
Spread: 6-8 ft
Zone: 4-8
  • Less aggressive spreading juniper
  • Tolerates poor sun and dry soil
  • Provides groundcover, but 2/3 as much as other junipers
  • Distinguished, formal look
  • Light green, prickly foliage or trailing branches

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