Andromeda, Avalanche Andromeda (Pieris Japonica)

by Mackey's Farm

There is not a Pieris you'll find that has the flower power that this selection brings to the landscape. Its dense, rounded form comes into early spring teeming with long strings of flower buds at stem terminals that open in mid-April to clouds of white flowers that barely reveal the leathery, medium green foliage below. 'Avalanche' seems to bloom forever, holding its flowers as the cool of April warms into mid-May, still looking like a cascade of white. Once its bloom does go by, its new growth stays tidy and dense making this a plant that can be used singly in a small space or one that can be used in groups without overwhelming a spot. While this selection will tolerate a sunny spot, it loves partial shade to shade, is deer resistant, and will put on an unforgettable early spring show in that location.

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