Abelia, Grandiflora Kaleidoscope Abelia

by Mackey's Farm

While sporting a fine name, 'Kaleidoscope' could have easily been named 'Chameleon' given its ever changing mix of foliage color and bloom. It's a woody plant that always shows you something new starting with the emergence of new foliage in the spring that radiates with bright yellow color against a green leaf center.

As summer approaches, the bright yellow variegation matures to a striking golden yellow and plant stems deepen to showy red creating a near riot of landscape color. In mid summer even more color emerges as light pink flower buds open to produce a stream of small, white, tubular flowers that keep on blooming into fall.

As temperatures cool in fall, its brilliant foliage changes again with the addition of bright oranges and fiery reds that will set the landscape ablaze. It all makes for great landscape viewing on a plant that loves a sunny area and that will make a striking group planting. 'Kaleidoscope' will perform best with protection from winter wind.

  • Drought tolerant once established
  • Beautiful, colorful foliage
  • Foliage changes as the season changes
  • White tubular flowers from summer into fall


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