Hydrangea, Pinky Winky® Panicle Hydrangea - Tree Form

by Mackey's Farm
Sold out
Hydrangea 'Pink Diamond' will never register a second thought with you once you see this stunning mutation that just blows that tried and true selection completely out of the water. That strong statement will be proved out as soon as you see 'Pinky Winky' in bloom with its strong stemmed, rigidly upright bloom that is bigger, pinker, and far less floppy than 'Pink Diamond'. Its long lasting flowers will be a late summer treat you'll look forward to and enjoy well into the fall. Flowers emerge in late July and persist endlessly until you cut them to bring inside for the winter as a dried bloom. Use 'Pinky Winky'™ as a specimen or create a bloomin' masterpiece of a hedge in a sunny or light shade location.
  • Large summer flowers open white and change to pink
  • Blooms every year
  • Hardy
  • Soil pH does not affect bloom color
  • Best seller
  • Fall interest
  • Drought tolerant
  • Strong-stemmed and upright bloom

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