NemaKnights Nematodes Biological Insect Control for Grubs, Weevil & Borers

by Mackey's
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Traditional nematode formulations have been a successful but limited biocontrol for over 2 decades. NemaKnightsTM is the next generation.

  • Based on encapsulated Steinernema carpocapsae & Steinernema feltiae
  • Extended slow release to control of larval soil pests
  • Easy application; simply flip lid and shake in the area with pest damage
  • Use outdoors
  • Use for spot treatment
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Insect pest management tool

    Target Pests

    • Rose and Japanese Beetle grubs
    • Black Vine Weevil
    • Cutworms and Sod webworms

    Size: 280g~10oz.

    Coverage: Treats up to ~100 ft

    How to Apply: Watch Video

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