16" Bendable Coir Pole

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Create a stunning masterpiece with your plant.

Get ready to level up your indoor garden game with The Original Bendable Coir Pole™. This unique, award-winning plant support system is just what your tropical plants have been craving.

  • Handcrafted with premium Manila rope
  • Flexible and easy to use,
  • Perfect for all your climbing, vining, and trailing plants

What sets our Bendable Coir Pole™ apart from the traditional Bendable Moss Pole™ is that it's thinner and more pliable, making it the ultimate support for a wide variety of plant sizes and shapes.


  • 1 feet of reusable plant tape;
  • Galvanized steel frame (no harm to plants);
  • Premium Manila coir outer layer.

100% natural and free from any added dyes or chemicals. 🌱

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