Lyric Cardinal Bird Food

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Lyric Cardinal Bird attracts more cardinals to your bird feeder.

A special mix for Cardinals, now featuring Golden Safflower. Wild birds with prominent, seed-cracking bills, like Cardinals, Jays and Grosbeaks, easily crack in-shell seeds like sunflower, safflower and buckwheat. These seeds preclude smaller birds with finer bills yet attract larger, colorful jays and cardinals to your bird feeder. Frequently, cardinals and other large-billed birds will toss aside smaller seeds as they search for sunflower. Our large-seed mix is ideal for them. Lyric Cardinal Mix provides their fundamental choice every time - which saves you wasted bird food.

Golden Safflower is an organic, chemical-free hybrid safflower. It has higher nutrition content that white safflower : 15% more oil, 25% higher protein and 30% higher fat. Golden Safflower has an extremely thin hull, making it easier for birds to eat and digest

Cardinal Mix Ingredients:
Black Oil Sunflower Seed, Safflower Seed, Black Striped Sunflower Seed, Buckwheat, Sunflower Kernels

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