Aspen Song Select Blend

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Aspen Song Select Blend Select Ingredients Sure To Attract Your Favorite Songbirds

  • A High Energy Mix of Unique Ingredients
  • Generous Percents of Sunflowers and Pistachios
  • Attracts a Variety of Colorful Songbirds
  • No Filler Seeds

What’s the Right Bird Food to Use?

Aspen Song Select Blend contains many of the favorite seeds of backyard songbirds. Black oil sunflower seeds have soft shells that allow easy access to their high energy kernels. Pistachios simulate native tree seeds and are loved by arboreal birds and woodpeckers. Safflower seeds provide an important source of nutrition. White proso millet is a great source of carbohydrates and are especially loved by native sparrow species. Cracked corn and steam-crimped corn are perennial favorites of all seed-eaters. Select Blend is a great start to creating a bird sanctuary in your yard.

Who will Show Up at the Feeder?

All of the seed-eating songbird species that are attracted to seed mixes will find something appealing in Aspen Song Select Blend. Large-billed birds will savor the sunflowers and safflower. Chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, and woodpeckers will relish the pistachios and sunflowers. The finch family of birds and the grassland species will find the corn, sunflowers, and millet to their liking.

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