Jonathan Green Green Up Weed & Feed

by Jonathan Green

Jonathan Green Green-Up Weed & Feed


This Jonathan Green Green Up Weed and Feed fertilizer controls broadleaf weeds in lawns while feeding your lawn with 35% slow-release nitrogen fertilizer. Three way action provides superior weed control. Feeds desirable grasses longer while weeds gradually disappear from the lawn. Apply when weeds are actively growing in the spring and fall.  Fine particle size allows for superior weed control and feeding action.  Delay seeding for four weeks after applying.

Key product features:

– 3-Way action kills weeds down to the root
– Kills spring and fall weeds
– Controls 250 broadleaf Weeds
 Feeds lawns for up to 3 months

Fertilizer Analysis:


Nitrogen: 21%

Phosphorus: 0%

Potash: 3%

How to apply:

– Avoid mowing 1 to 2 days before and after application
– Apply to moist grass
– Avoid unnecessary disturbances including watering of the treated areas for 48 hours after application. Water will wash off weed killing material
– Avoid applying if rainfall is expected within 48 hours following treatment
– It is recommended that during hot, dry conditions, application rates should be reduced by 50% to avoid possible dehydration or browning of grass
– May reapply in 30 days if lawn is heavily over run with weeds or if adverse low moisture conditions prevail and the weeds are in a state of poor growth. Ideal application temperatures are between 60° and 75°.

Mackey's Bonus:

Meet the Barry Green, president and 5th generation of the Johnathan Green company; Listen to our Growing Home Podcast Interview HERE.

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