Saturday, January 18th
Mackey's of Woodstock


2 sessions: 1pm & 2pm


Meet Lavender the opossum and learn how to help wildlife survive harsh winters with Ferncroft Wildlife Rescue.


FREE seminar to help you understand opossums and help wildlife survive winter.

Lavender, Ferncroft Wildlife Rescue's Ambassador opossum, will be here for a meet and greet and to help you understand how helpful opossums are.

Pam and Bill Lefferts are licensed CT rehabbers who specialize in opossum and will discuss this gentle and misunderstood creature. Their entertaining and educational program explains what they do and offers information on how to peacefully coexist and help wildlife survive harsh winters. Ferncroft Wildlife is a local rescue and rehabilitation facility in the town of Woodstock.

The event is FULL! Thank you for your interest!