**2024 Home Heating Pre-Order**

- Delivery will be performed in August-September 2024. You do not have to be present for delivery. Once scheduled, you will be contacted with a delivery date.

- Please note in your cart where you'd like the pallet to be dropped with as much detail as possible.

- At delivery, pallet drop may be limited by steep incline or soft ground.

- Pallet jack dimensions: 6'W x 7'H

In-store pickup available in all 3 store locations

- Order placement and pickup in full must occur on the same day

Energex Premium Hardwood Pellets (*Bulk Item)

  • Delivery Available with Online Checkout
  • Not Available In-store at Colchester Mackey's
  • Not Available In-store at Willimantic Mackey's
  • Not Available In-store at Woodstock Mackey's

Classic, reliable and effective.

Mackey's Delivery Service (fee applied at checkout)

50 X 50lb bags per pallet

  •  $75.00 for the first pallet 
  •  $15.00 for each additional pallet

We create our Premium Hardwood pellets from carefully sourced hardwood species. If a material doesn’t meet our standards, we don’t use it. Only wood that makes pellets with an ash content under one percent makes it into production. The resulting pellet produces on average 8,500 BTUs per pound. At an affordable price, you get an eco-friendly and efficient way to keep your home warm.

Hardwood pellets come from sawmill residuals of hardwood lumber or other residuals from hardwood processing. Due to a higher density in its original form, hardwood tends to burn longer and slower than softwood, but at a lower temperature. However, once hardwood and softwood become pellets, they are compressed to a similar density and burn in a much more similar manner. However, hardwood pellets will not burn quite as hot as softwood pellets due to a lower concentration of lignins in the wood. What matters, in the end, is quality — whether hardwood or softwood, a wood pellet is only as good as the company making it. The species of wood for the pellets is never the deciding factor.

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