BioBricks (*Bulk Item)

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  • Not Available In-store at Colchester Mackey's
  • Not Available In-store at Willimantic Mackey's
  • Not Available In-store at Woodstock Mackey's

20 bricks per package, 50 packages per pallet

*Bulk Item: A one-time delivery service fee will be charged for each BioBrick delivery order transaction. (delivery service fee will be invoiced after order placement)

Mackey's Delivery Service:

  •  $60.00 for the first pallet (within 20 driving miles from your nearest Mackey's location, calculated by Map Quest)
  •  $10.00 for each additional pallet

Delivered by:
November 1, 2021


  • A uniform rectangular shape makes it easier to tightly pack a stove.
  • Because of the tight packing, your fire burns longer and more uniform.
  • A ton of BioBricks, when burned, will give as much heat as a cord of seasoned firewood.
  • BioBricks are free of the dust, dirt, bugs, vermin, and the mess that is commonly associated with burning cordwood.
  • They are the perfect size - if bigger they might not burn up completely, if smaller they might burn too hot.
  • Turn your wood stove into something as easy to use as a pellet stove, but without the need for electricity to run it.
    • 100% wood, no artificial binders
    • Environmentally friendly using our renewable resources
    • Clean burning – minimal smoke, creosote and ash
    • Lights with newspaper, no mess, no chopping, no bugs
    • Safely and easily stores inside or out
    • Pallet size approximately 4x4x3 and is easily stackable
    • Average burn time of 12 hours per stove fill

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