Cypress, Vintage Gold Cypress

by Mackey's Farm

It's easy to be dazzled by the amazing color of this plant and to ignore its other great landscape attribute: its form! 'Vintage Gold' has a dense rounded form that is easy to use in any half to full sun area. When you plant it, you'll certainly notice how it will brighten up any area with its striking gold fernlike foliage that keeps its blazing color throughout the season without fading. Combine texture, form, and color and you have an outstanding dwarf conifer your customers will love!

Color: Yellow Shades
Height: 3-5 ft
Spread: 3-5 ft
Zone: 5-8

Exposure: Full Sun; Partial Sun

  • Amazing color
  • Dense, rounded form
  • Gold, fernlike foliage
  • Color does not fade
  • Great texture

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