Cypress, Celtic Pride® Siberian (Cypress Microbiota decussata Celtic Pride®)

by Mackey's Farm

Russian Cypress is one of the hardiest plants you could ever grow tolerating temperatures down to -50 without batting an eye. Unfortunately, even with its outstanding cold hardiness, many strains of this incredibly tough groundcover tend to succumb to disease problems making them fade away in the landscape piece by piece in an ugly manner. Celtic Pride™ is the most disease resistant selections you will find allowing you far more success in the landscape. Celtic Pride™ is all about ease and success with its no prune form, its ability to perform in sun, partial sun or shade and its deep green summer color that can fill the roughest toughest, driest, most gnarly areas of the landscape with a carpet of green. In the winter its color transforms to a striking bronze shade making this easy care, drought tolerant, deer resistant beauty with the soft, feathery foliage texture one of the easiest plants you'll ever grow.

  • Very hardy
  • Ground cover
  • Most disease resistant selection
  • Deep green summer color
  • Drought tolerant
  • Deer resistant
  • Easy to grow

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