Cypress, Cripps Golden Hinoki Cypress

by Mackey's Farm

If you're seeking an evergreen with real presence, look no further than this selection that has so much personality, it's hard to ignore. This golden, upright, pyramidal large shrub to small tree sized plant is a vigorous grower sending out graceful horizontal branches of spreading, fan-like fronds. 'Crippsii's' coloration will make you look twice with fan-like fine-textured sprays that are tipped with brilliant yellow, gradually becoming gold then bright chartreuse as you progress from outside to in on the plant. 'Crippsii' holds its color well in winter and thrives in sun or light shade, although full sun is best to maximize its outstanding yellow coloring.

Color: Green Shades
Height: 10-15 ft
Spread: 8-10 ft
Zone: 5-8
Exposure: Full Sun; Partial Shade
  • Evergeen
  • Golden foliage
  • Upright, pyramidal form
  • Excellent presence
  • Vigorous grower
  • Holds color well in winter

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