Blue Seal Inspire PEAK Racer

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Product Description

Inspire® PEAK™ Racer™ is formulated with a synergistic blend of calorie sources including nutrient dense super-fiber extruded nuggets to meet the complex demands of the equine athlete including race horses. The low dust and fiber content makes Inspire PEAK Racer an ideal grain ration for horses on the track and horses with respiratory challenges.


Features & Benefits

Extruded Nuggets

Extruded nuggets bring the nutrient digestibility and utilization benefits of extrusion technology to a highly palatable textured feed.

Essential Amino Acids

Essential amino acids ensure that quality protein is available for continuous growth and rebuilding of muscle tissue.

Triple Energy Release System®

The Triple Energy Release System® provides sequential energy from carbohydrates, fat and fermentable fiber to continuously supply the necessary calories for maintaining stamina and performance.

Advanced Antioxidant Package

Advanced Antioxidant Package including vitamins and complexed trace minerals supports the immune system, maintaining optimal health and metabolism.

Yeast Biotics

Yeast biotics along with a consistent ingredient formula aids in maintaining a healthy and stable digestive tract environment.

Stable Vitamins & Minerals

Stable vitamins and a precisely balanced mineral package incorporating organically bound trace mineral complexes sustains joint and bone health and strength.

Quality Protein

Quality protein, B-vitamins and organically bound trace mineral complexes help support healthy skin, hair coat and hoof condition, enhancing overall appearance.

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