Blue Seal Home Fresh Better Feather Layer Pellets 18%, 40 lbs.

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Home Fresh® Better Feather™ is an 18% protein, high-energy, calcium-fortified grain diet formulated specifically to support feather growth and egg production in layers as they go through a molt. As a complete, balanced diet, no additional nutrient supplementation is required. A natural choice for chickens, both egg-producing hens and roosters. This is also a great option as a higher protein layer feed and for free-range layers.


Complete and Precisely Balanced Nutrition
Optimum levels and ratios of nutrients help support and maintain overall health.

High Energy and Low Fiber
Whole grain-based diets support optimal growth and development.

18% Protein
A higher level of protein supports the increased requirements of birds during molt and birds allowed to free range.

Marigold extract
Natural color enhancer for bright yellow yolks.

Prebiotics and Enzymes
Multiple enzymes and a proprietary hydrolyzed yeast, aid in maintaining healthy digestion for sustained nutrient digestibility.

Essential Amino Acids
Quality protein is essential for growth and development, reproduction and support of healthy skin and feathers.

Increases availability of phosphorus, calcium and energy to the bird.

Vitamin E and Selenium
Essential nutrients and powerful antioxidants help support the immune system, especially during times of stress.

Fixed Component Formula
A particular set of quality ingredients limited to a precise range ensures the product meets nutrient specifications at all times while providing diet consistency to support healthy digestive function.

Trace Mineral Amino Acid Complexes
Improved bioavailability of nutrients and allows optimum absorption, which may help birds cope with the challenging effects of stress.

Free of Animal Products
High-quality vegetable protein and fat sources provide the necessary protein and energy to meet bird requirements.

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