Dogwood, Wolf Eyes Chinese Dogwood (Cornus Kousa Wolf Eyes)

by Mackey's Farm
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You'll never look at Dogwood the same way again once you catch a glimpse at this stunning piece of landscape eye candy! 'Wolf Eyes' dense, spreading form is awash in color just from its foliage with its wide, creamy white band surrounding a deep green center. It's so colorful that you might miss its creamy white, star-shaped blossoms that cover the plant for up to 6 weeks starting in late May but, once you lay eyes on them, you'll be amazed at the ferocity of this plants blooming power. Add in striking reddish-purple fall color and you have a plant that is year round magic! See pages 14-15 for more details on the White Flower Farm program.

  • Dense, spreading form
  • Beautiful green foliage edged in white
  • White, star-shaped blossoms late May
  • Ferocious blooming power
  • Great fall color

Color: White Shades
Height: 15-20 ft
Spread: 10-15 ft
Zone: 5-8
  • Attributes:
    • Great Foliage
    • Fall Color
  • Flower Color:
    • White
  • Foliage Color:
    • Green
    • White
  • Season of Interest (Flowering):
    • Late Spring
    • Early Summer
  • Habit:
    • Upright


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