Wet & Forget Outdoor, 48 oz Hose End

by Wet & Forget

Wet & Forget Rapid Application Hose End.

Cleaning black and green stains from roofs and large outdoor surfaces is now quick and easy. Simply apply to outdoor surfaces and forget it! There's no scrubbing, no rinsing and no powerwashing. With Wet & Forget Hose End you can treat an entire house, roof, driveway, or deck in minutes. The bottle attaches directly to your hose and comes with two tips. The jet tip sprays up to 30 ft high, allowing you to clean hard-to-reach areas like second story siding and roofs. The fan tip outputs large amounts of product for quick coverage of large surfaces like decks and driveways. One bottle of Wet and Forget covers up to 2,000 sq. ft.

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