Viburnum, Autumn Jazz™ Viburnum

by Mackey's Farm

Early summer creamy white, flat topped florets sit atop a beautiful vase shaped form. After the blooms, you'll love all this jazz with blue-black berries followed by a wild show of yellow, orange, burgundy and scarlet foliage in autumn. Great food source for birds! Moderate to fast growing for diverse landscape uses. Native species, so requires minimal to no special care to flourish.

Characteristics and Attributes:

Color: White Shades
Height: 8-10 ft
Spread: 6-8 ft
Zone: 3-8
Exposure: Full Sun/Part Shade
  • Kaleidoscope of Autumn Color!
  • Beautiful vase-shaped form
  • Creamy white, flat-topped florets
  • Blue-black berries followed by yellow, orange, burgundy and scarlet foliage in autumn
  • Attracts birds

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