Mapleleaf Viburnum

by Mackey's Farm

Native Pollinator Plant.

Easy growing to a fault, this native to woodland edges is one of the unsung heroes of the native landscape providing nectar for native insects and delectable fruit for native songbirds. Smaller growing than many of the native Viburnums, Mapleleaf Viburnum grows upright but suckers freely, lending itself to naturalizing in semi-shaded areas. Trident, maple-like foliage emerges in spring and forms the backdrop for 3" wide flat cymes of small white flowers that are held above the foliage in late May and June for all those nectar seeking spring butterflies to easily find. A summer progresses, these spent cymes turn to heads of fruit which turn black then red as summer comes to a close providing a favorite snack for birds along with great nesting cover. Plant it in groups then stand back and watch how much your birds and butterflies will thank you!

Characteristics and Attributes

Color: White Shades
Height: 6-7 Feet
Spread: 4-5 Feet
Zone: 3-8 

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