Vaporizer Premium Ice Melt

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  • Not Available In-store at Willimantic Mackey's
  • Not Available In-store at Woodstock Mackey's

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The best ice melt to use on concrete.

  • Concrete-safe
  • Low temperature performance
  • Better value – Cost vs. coverage
  • Blended with calcium chloride flake
  • Calcium and sodium – Strength and longevity with reduced environmental impact

  • How Are Ice Melt and Rock Salt the same?

    • Both melt through snow & ice on driveways, sidewalks and other surfaces
    • Both are sold as bagged pellets to be sprinkled across icy surfaces
    • Both make ice easier to remove with a shovel or pick

    What Is the Difference Between Ice Melt and Rock Salt?

    Ice melt also contains other chemicals, and will melt ice effectively in temperatures as cold as -10 F.

    Rock salt helps keep ice from forming down to about 5 degrees F.

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