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Blueberry, Blue Gold Highbush (Vaccinium corymbosum Blue Gold), 3 gal

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 'Blue Gold' is the perfect last Blueberry of summer with its pleasing nickle sized fruit, its firm, sweet yet tart taste and its propensity to fruit in huge quantities as if to give you as much great fruit as you can handle until the next Blueberry season!

Bush Features:  

   Bloom Color: White
   Bloom Time: mid Spring
   Mature Height: 5-6 feet
   Mature Spread: 4-5 feet
   Harvest: Large fruit late-Summer

   Zone: 4-8

   Pollination: Self-pollinating, but cross-pollination by another mid Spring bloom blueberry will yield more fruit.
   Placement: Full Sun

          Nursery Stock Specifications:

               Pot Size: 3 gallon 
               Age: 3+ years old, fruiting

Fruit Profile:

   Color: Light blue
   Texture: Firm
   Taste:  Delicately sweet yet tart
   Uses: Great for fresh eating, preserves and baking

Other notes:

  • Perfect last blueberry of summer
  • Nickle-sized fruit
  • Bell-shaped flowers
  • Great fall foliage color


  • Feed yearly with an organic fertilizer
  • Prune annually during winter dormancy. Once fruiting is complete, prune canes that have fruited leaving new canes to fruit the next season. Annual pruning promotes plant growth and berry production.

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