Lilac, Maidens Blush Lilac

by Mackey's Farm

Looking for a pink lilac with the traditional lilac scent? 'Maiden's Blush' is it! This early blooming Lilac blooms about 1 week before the common and French lilacs and is considered the best pink Lilac available on the market. The single, very fragrant blooms are held above a cloud of green leaves in big, attractive cones that will dazzle in early to mid-May. These factors, as well as being able to survive the coldest of winters and maintaining an upright form, makes 'Maiden's Blush' a perfect plant for full sun or partial shade, to be planted alone as a specimen or in groups to create a deliciously fragrant border planting. Try planting 'Maiden's Blush' near a porch or walkway to better enjoy the heavenly scented blooms and beauty.

Color: Pink Shades
Height: 12-15 Feet
Spread: 8-10 Feet
Zone: 3-8
Exposure: Full Sun; Partial Shade
  • Pink lilac with the traditional lilac scent
  • Considered the bets pink lilac on the market
  • Large, attractive cones of single, very fragrant blooms
  • Green foliage
  • Cold tolerant
  • Upright form
  • Great as a specimen or in groups or borders
  • Excellent near a porch or walkway

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