Spirea, Double Play® Gold Spirea (Spiraea Japonica Double Play `Gold`)

by Mackey's Farm

There are lots of flashy Spirea with golden foliage but 'Double Play® Gold' was the most vibrant one when trialed in a garden with dozens of other Spirea. It's no wonder that this compact, low, mounded beauty with pure golden foliage and an abundance of pure pink flowers will melt your heart! Its foliage does not fade with the summer heat like many lesser varieties might and, when combined with its June pure pink blooming flower heads that repeat in numbers throughout the summer until September, it's easy to why the local butterflies won't be the only garden creatures hanging around this plant to take a look. You'll be so smitten, you'll want to plant it in groups in any sunny, well drained area you might have so you can show it off to the world!

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