Spirea, Double Play Doozie® Spirea (Spiraea Japonica Double Play `Doozie`)

by Mackey's Farm

Seedless, non-invasive and non-stop blooming are exactly what makes Double Play Doozie® spirea the most beautiful, innovative, ground-breaking spirea to ever grace a landscape. Like all of the Double Play® spirea series, the show begins in early spring, when the foliage emerges in blazing brilliant color - in this case, deep red. By late spring, the flowers begin to emerge, a bright, glowing purple-red that truly sings in the landscape. And as summer comes on, the show doesn't stop: it just keeps flowering, and flowering, and flowering. Because it produces no seeds, it puts all of its energy into flowering! It does it all with the same good looks, drought tolerance, and deer resistance that you expect from spirea.

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