Maple, Shaina Japanese Maple

by Mackey's Farm
Outstanding foliage color and dense, incredible thick form will make this sport of 'Bloodgood' your new favorite Japanese Maple. 'Shaina' is smaller and slower growing with a tight, rounded, irregular form that fits a much different role in the landscape. Use it as a large shrub and be dazzled by its smaller, blunt lobed foliage that retains its ability to hold its deep, purple-red foliage color throughout the growing season. In fall, 'Shaina' will take on an orange tinge as its foliage gives you a color changeup before dropping to reveal a branching habit that looks superb against the winter snow. 
  • Incredibly dense and compact
  • Deep red, palmate foliage in spring dark red in summer
  • Stunning orange-red fall color

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