Purina® Miniature Horse & Pony Feed

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Purina® Miniature Horse and Pony horse feed is specifically formulated to meet the unique needs of miniature horses and ponies who tend to be more metabolically efficient than large horses, but still require the nutrition necessary for growth, gestation, lactation, breeding and competition.

  • Use: Concentrate Feed
  • Life Stage: 
  • Form: Pelleted

Features & Benefits

Gastric Support

Formulated with Outlast® supplement to support gastric health & proper pH.

Controlleed Starch and Sugar

Higher fat and fiber formula appropriate for horses sensitive to soluble carbohydrates.

Purina® Amplify® High-Fat Nugget

Multiple sources of fatty acids including stabilized rice bran, flaxseed and vegetable oils help maintain body condition, shine and bloom.

Protein That Performs

High-quality protein sources and amino acids deliver a balanced profile that supports foal development, milk production, muscle growth & development and high-level performance.

Highly Digestible Fibers

Multiple fiber sources including beet pulp provide slow-releasing fuel for sustained performance.

Moderate Calories

Helps maintain optimal body condition in miniature horses and ponies who tend to be more metabolically efficient than larger horses.

No Supplements Needed

Provides 100% of the required protein, vitamins and minerals when fed as directed.*

*When fed as directed, with free-choice or added salt, based on Nutrient Requirements of Horses, Sixth Revised Edition - 2007, published by the National Research Council.

Concentrate Feed

Designed to be fed with hay or pasture.

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