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Poulin Grain Timothy Pellets ***Now In Stock***

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Timothy Pellets


Timothy pellets are produced from Canadian timothy hay grown in Alberta, Canada. The timothy hay is cut and sun dried in field.


Premium Timothy with alfalfa as a natural binder

Feeding Amounts & Instructions

Timothy hay pellets are intended to be used as a daily supplement along with your livestock’s regular feed ration. Made from baled timothy hay, these pellets are beneficial to livestock that require less alfalfa in their diets. The maximum amount of Timothy pellets depends on the individual animal, desired body condition, level of activity, and developmental stage. Supply fresh, clean water at all times. For more detailed feeding information, please contact your Poulin Grain representative.

Equine Feeding Guidelines

Divide feed into a minimum of two equal feedings. Never feed more than 0.5 lbs of grain per 100 lbs of body weight in a single feeding.

The amount of grain fed to any horse will vary depending on forage quality and availability in addition to the animal’s weight, body condition, activity level and age.

All dietary changes should be made slowly over a period of 10-14 days.

If your horse has dental problems or trouble swallowing, this product can be soaked in a small amount of water before feeding.

If feeding less than the daily recommended amount of a concentrated feed, supplement with E-Tec Balancer to meet adequate levels of vitamins and minerals.

If you would like to have your horse’s diet evaluated to ensure it is balanced for all critical nutrients, please contact your Poulin Grain feed specialist.

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