McCall's Candles, Cedar Citronella Mason, 16oz

by McCall's Candles

About this Fragrance ~ McCall's has combined the benefits of citronella with a fresh cedar scent; allowing you to take the beauty of a McCall’s Candle onto your patio. This fragrance combines natural citronella with warm, floral top notes followed by woody-rose notes, and base notes of cedarwood and balsam.

About this Product ~ A classic 16oz Mason jar filled with McCall’s Candles’ upscale citronella blends. This candle is ready to be recycled or upcycled after enjoyment. The label lid pops out to be utilized as a coaster. As always, a clean empty McCall’s jar can be used to hold just about anything.

Approximate Burn Time ~ 110-130 hours

Made in the USA

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