Laced Up® Elderberry Sambucus nigra

by Mackey's Farm
  • Formerly named Straight Laced®
  • Columnar habit
  • Elegant
  • Feathery black foliage
  • Pink flowers in early summer
  • Produces berries
  • Foliage interest
  • Resists deer and rabbits

An elderberry like no other!

Beautiful elderberries like Black Lace® and Black Beauty™ have long been some of our most popular varieties - but as fairly large plants, not everyone has space for them. Enter Laced Up® elderberry, an amazing narrow, upright variety that takes up only a few square feet of ground. Feathery black foliage covers broomstick-straight stems that shoot toward the sky but stay in a narrow column. Early summer brings hundreds of pink flowers to contrast with the leaves. It's an exotic looking plant that's surprisingly hardy and easy to grow!

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