Jonathan Green Black Beauty Heat & Drought Resistant Grass Seed, 3lbs

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Grass seed blended to handle tough drought periods.

  • It contains Texas Bluegrass and Black Beauty® turf-type tall fescues 
  • Black Beauty® Heat and Drought Grass Seed can withstand very hot temperatures, up to 100°F
  • Requires less maintenance than other grass types
  • This mixture will produce a dark-green, heat-resistant, highly durable lawn
  • It grows in both sunny and/or shady areas
  • Black Beauty Heat and Drought Premium Grass Seed Mixture can grow roots up to four feet deep
  • Contains a waxy leaf coating to preserve moisture
  • Displays a uniform (not clumpy) growth habit
  • Naturally withstands insects and diseases. 

Key product features:

  • Our most heat-tolerant grass seed mixture can withstand heat up to 100°F
  • Premium mixture of tall fescues and Texas Bluegrass ideal for lawns in the transition zone
  • Grows naturally dark green, drought-resistant, and highly durable lawns
  • Grows well in both sunny and/or shady areas
  • Germinates 14 - 21 days

When to apply:

  • Mid-August to mid-October while the ground is still warm and the nights are cooler
  • Mid-March through mid-May is the next best time to plant, when the soil temperature reaches 55°+ Fahrenheit and the temperature of the air stays consistently warm

How to apply:

  • Mow – Mow the lawn at the lowest mower setting before seeding to allow the seed to reach the soil.
  • Rake – Rake over the existing grass with a metal rake to remove the thatch layer and any debris to loosen the soil.  Add additional topsoil to fill in holes and level the ground.  
  • Check soil pH level – Test your soil’s pH level. The optimum soil pH should be between 6.2 to 7.0.  For a pH below 6.2 use Jonathan Green MAG-I-CAL® Plus for Acidic & Hard Soil to rapidly increase pH. If the pH is above 7.0 use MAG-I-CAL® Plus for Alkaline & Hard Soil to rapidly decrease the soil pH.
  • Spread seed – Apply half of the seed with a rotary spreader in one direction (north to south) and the remainder in the opposite direction (east to west). It is beneficial to spread a new seeding fertilizer that is high in phosphorus at this time as well.
  • Rake seed – Rake lightly into the ground with a metal rake. Walk with light, even footsteps on the seedbed to firm the soil around the seed. Do not bury the seed more than one-fourth of an inch deep. 
  • Water – For best germination, water lightly each morning to keep the seedbed moist. In sandier soils that dry out quickly watering more than once a day may be needed. Continue watering regularly for a few weeks until the grass plants reach a height of 2 – 2.5 inches. 
  • Mow – Begin mowing when the new grass has reached a height of 3 – 4 inches. Make sure the mower has sharp blades. Be careful not to scalp the lawn, low mowing will stress the root system and encourage the growth of weeds

Mackey's Bonus:

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