Hibiscus syriacus Blue Chiffon® ('Notwoodthree') Blue Chiffon® Rose of Sharon

by Mackey's Farm

There's something about blue colored Rose of Sharon flowers in the summer that makes gardeners happy. With the introduction of 'Blue Chiffon'® from breeder Dr. Roderick Woods of England, America's summer happiness factor may soar! The exquisite blue flowers displayed by 'Blue Chiffon'® feature pleasing deep lavender-blue outer petals surrounding a lacy center of lighter lavender-blue petals giving it a semi-double appearance. The flower centers are accented with wine red color that streaks out from the veins of the petals. 'Blue Chiffon'® blooms profusely from July through September, is very tolerant of summer's heat and humidity and loves a sunny location. It will make a perfect old school summer specimen planting or a stunning border planting when grouped.

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