Witch Hazel, Harvest Moon Witch Hazel

by Mackey's Farm

Native Pollinator Plants.

This captivating selection developed by noted Connecticut Kalmia expert Richard Jaynes, blooms after the leaves have fallen in the fall. While this seems like a thing of small importance to some, most fall blooming Hamamelis tend to bloom with the foliage still on the plant making its unique, striking, fragrant flowers very easy to overlook. You'll find 'Harvest Moon' impossible to ignore with vivid, densely packed clusters of lemon yellow flowers showing off their trademarked crinkly, strap-like petals against bare branches in November for stunning late-season appeal. These flowers are considerably larger and showier than the species and make walking in the garden as Thanksgiving approaches a real treat! 'Harvest Moon' is a big, beefy, attractive plant in spring and summer with deep green leaves that provide loads of native critter cover and an easy going nature that lets it thrive in most sunny, well-drained locations.

  • Blooms in Autumn after leaves have fallen
  • Unique, fragrant flowers
  • Lemon yellow, crinkly petals
  • Large and attractive with deep green leaves during spring and summertime
  • Thrives in sunny, well-drained locations

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