Euonymus, Manhattan Euonymous (kiautschovicus Manhattan)

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 Selected for its compact habit and highly glossed foliage, 'Manhattan' is an easy to grow selection that has found a home in the landscape as a hedge or informal screen plant. Its dark green leaves have a highly buffed sheen and stay green spring through the end of winter when they drop as new leaves form and flush. Small groups of flower buds are hidden by leaves in the summer and are rarely noticed until the bright pink and orange berries that stem from the bloom appear in the fall. Even though 'Manhattan' in compact when compared to the species, it still attains sizable bulk and is best used away from the house in a sunny to partially shade spot that is protected from the strongest of the desiccating winter winds yet has enough airflow to remove the possibility of summer powdery mildew.

Height: 4-8 ft
Spread: 5-8 ft
Zone: 5-8 

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