Equinox Valley Lilac

by Mackey's Farm

A rare find, this superb selection come to us from the plant experts at Equinox Valley Nursery in Manchester, VT. This exciting plant will be a superb addition to any shrub border and a magnificent specimen as tall, upright branches top themselves with tapered triangles of buds in early May that are approximately 1/3 larger than other Lilac selections. Its deep purple-red buds open in early to mid May to reveal rare double flowers with all the traditional Lilac scent and lavender color that you come to expect, just in a larger size. You'll love to cut one of these massive beauties for a vase! 

Color: Purple Shades
Height: 12-18 ft
Spread: 8-12 ft

Zone: 3-8

Deep burgundy red buds open to reveal large double flowers!

  • Extremely hardy
  • 1/3 larger buds and blooms than other Lilac
  • Terrific scented bloom
  • Perfect flower for cutting
  • Easy to grow as a specimen or grouped for a border

Homeowner Growing and Maintenance Tips:
Plant in a sunny location for best flowering. Remove old flowers when faded and dried.

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