EGO Battery 56V G3 1P 2.5Ah

by EGO Power+
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  • Available In-store at Colchester Mackey's
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  • Long-lasting power, rapid charging and durability in all weather conditions
  • Unique arc design and Keep-Cool battery technology keep each cell cool for long life and hard work in the most extreme conditions
  • Integrated fuel gauge to let you know how much power is left in your battery
  • Fast Charge time:
    • Charges in 30 minutes with EGO Power+ Rapid Charger
    • Charges in 50 minutes with EGO Power+ Standard Charger
  • ARC Lithium™ battery is compatible with all EGO POWER+ Power Equipment and chargers
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty


          • The EGO POWER+ 56-Volt 2.5Ah battery uses industry-leading ARC Lithium™ technology to deliver Power Beyond Belief™.
          • Compatible with all EGO outdoor power equipment.
          • Keep-Cool battery technology keeps each cell cool for long life and work in the most extreme conditions.

          Every EGO POWER+ product features our industry-leading ARC Lithium™ battery technology.

          • Relentless power
          • Superior performance
          • Longer run times
          • Any EGO battery works with every EGO tool


          Power+ Rapid Charger


          The EGO POWER+ Rapid Charger leads the industry in recharge times. In just 20 minutes, a depleted 2.0 Ah battery can be fully recharged with the Rapid Charger.

          Power+ 56 Volt Charger

          POWER+ 56 VOLT CHARGER

          The EGO POWER+ 56 Volt Charger boasts industry leading recharge times. In just 50 minutes, a depleted 2.5 Ah battery can be fully recharged with the 56-Volt Charger.

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