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Chaffhaye Bale

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Chaffhaye is a premium Non-GMO Alfalfa, sold in 50-pound bags. It captures the key characteristics of alfalfa, while also offering a guaranteed level of nutrition. Chaffhaye is ideal for ensuring maximum health and well-being of all classes of horse, deer, goat, llama, cattle, chicken, camelid, household pets, and other exotic animals.

  • Our commitment to grow and package the freshest, most nutritious forage product available
  • Non-GMO verified product
  • Family owned, state of the art facility in Dell City, Texas
  • Increases digestibility of secondary feeds in the diet


Chaffhaye undergoes a natural fermentation that transforms the raw alfalfa into a super digestible forage, enriching it with yeast, enzymes, and beneficial microflora that aid digestion as well as absorption of its nutrients by the animal. Chaffhaye is soft, easy to chew, and free of dust and mold.

Chaffhaye for Equine

  • Fuel your Athlete: Loaded with nutrients and energy to maximize their full potential.
  • No “Hay Belly”: Less intestinal fill means a better fitting saddle and a better performing athlete
  • Stress Reduction: Natural probiotics maintain an optimal digestive pH, eliminating ailments from stress and hauling
  • Dust & Airborne Mold-spore Free Guaranteed! Whether competing at the highest level or pleasure riding, breathing issues should be the last thing on you or your animal's mind.
  • Convenient Packaging: Compact with No Mess and No Waste. Chaffhaye is perfect for the road.

How an animal's digestive system utilizes given feed is called their biological response. Studies involving horses have shown a significantly higher biological response to fermented products like Chaffhaye. A higher biological response means your horse is getting more nutrients out of their forage. The “pre-digestion” inside the bag allows the horse to absorb more nutrients in the foregut with less spillover to the hindgut.

With Chaffhaye you will notice reduced manure and very little undigested plant matter. With a bit of examination, one can quickly conclude that a higher level of nutrient absorption occurs with Chaffhaye than with baled hay.

Guaranteed Nutritional Analysis

Aug 14 2018 by Chaffhaye




Crude Fiber

Max 11%


Required for proper gut motility and digestion. High fiber intake reduces incidence of diarrhea, colic and laminitis

Crude Protein

Min 9%


Building material for body. Improves growth, endurance, reproduction and performance of animals (lactation, fleece, horn, hooves, etc.)


Min 0.4%


An essential amino acid for growth and constitutes a percentage of muscle mass


Min 0.1%


An essential amino acid for growth and constitutes a per-centage of muscle mass

Crude Fat

Min 1.8%


Increases energy. Improves palatability

Netural Detergent Fiber (NDF)

Max 15%


Lower numbers reflect low levels of stem matter and high levels of nutrient-dense leaf matter

Acid Detergent Fiber (ADF)

Max 15%


Indicates the amount of acid soluble fiber and lignin in forage. An ADF % of <35% for alfalfa indicates premium quality

Total Digestible Nutrients (TDN)

Min 29.3%


Indicates premium to supreme grade alfalfa

Calcium (Ca)

Min 0.7%


Required for bone development and strength. Important muscle contraction, metabolism, blood clotting, activation of enzymes

Phosphorus (P)

Min 0.1%


Metabolizes fat, carbohydrates, calcium and sugar. Important in bone growth, production of energy, and proper utilization of vitamins

Copper (Cu)

Min 3.6 ppm

8 ppm

Required in several enzyme systems that maintain and synthesize connective tissue. Aids reproduction and promotes immune system. Supports hair color in ruminants

Zinc (Zn)

Min 8.1 ppm

18 ppm

Required in several enzyme systems for growth and maintenance of cartilage, hoof formation and healthy skin.

Selenium (Se)

Max 0.18 ppm

0.40 ppm

Selenium in small quantities aid in preventative cell damage

Vitamin A

Min 180 iu/lb

400 iu/lb

Helps ensure red blood cell production, tendon strength, fertility and healthy skin

Vitamin D

Min 675 iu/lb

1500 iu/lb

Regulates the absorption of calcium and magnesium and the excretion of phosphorus

Vitamin E

Min 45 iu/lb

100 iu/lb

Improves the stamina and performance of livestock. Aids in muscle strength

Natural Plant Juices

Max 55%


Eliminates dust. Reduces risk of impaction. More easily chewed by senior animals

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