Forest Pansy Redbud

by Mackey's Farm
It's difficult to imagine topping the native magnificence of Cercis canadensis, but in 'Forest Pansy', the species is indeed overshadowed by its purple-leaved cultivar. Like the species, 'Forest Pansy' is covered with clusters of rose-purple buds, opening in May to trumpet the true arrival of spring with an unrivalled display of deep rose-colored flowers that will appear weeks before the foliage. The flowers are slightly darker than the species and will blanket the branches for 2-3 weeks, finally giving way to big burgundy heart shaped leaves that will become a more muted purple in the heat of summer… what a show! Easily grown in any well-drained soil in full sun or part shade.
  • Native
  • Deep rose-colored flowers in spring
  • Burgundy leaves change to purple
  • Darker blooms than the species
  • Easy to grow

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