Cadet Hands Off Training Pads, 22"X23", 100ct

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From starting the puppy potty training process to simply providing your furry friend a comfortable go spot, Pet Time Puppy Training Pads are a must-have for new pet parents. Featuring a triple-layer design, these pads provide dependable protection. The gel core defends against leaks and the plastic base layer shields floors and carpets. Plus, they feature an attractant to help draw pups to the pad. These quilted puppy pads are as easy for pet parents to clean up as they are for dogs to use!

  • TRIPLE LAYER DESIGN – Puppy pads for dogs provide the ultimate protection
  • MOISTURE LOCK – Potty pads for dogs feature a quilted top layer
  • SUPER ABSORBENT – Gel core retains moisture and defends against leaks
  • EASY CLEAN UP – Puppy pee pads include a plastic base layer to shield carpets and floors
  • ENTICING ATTRACTANT – Potty pads for dogs are designed to draw pups to the pad

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