Butterfly Bush, Miss Molly Butterfly Bush (Buddleia)

by Mackey's Farm
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What a great companion plant to the already wildly popular Proven Winners®/Color Choice® Butterfly Bush, 'Miss Ruby'. Both are equal parts great form, great bloom and stunning color and both are part of the breeding program at North Carolina State that has produced a succession of great landscape plants. 'Miss Molly' with its stunning, deep, sangria red flowers will be impossible to ignore in the garden. It's a color that is groundbreaking for Buddleia and you will see plenty of it since this plant is a blooming machine with 4 to 6" cones of small, fragrant flowers that seem to be available from July into September in an inexhaustable supply. With its dense, neat form, 'Miss Molly' is perfect selection for grouping on a border for a supreme summer show in a full sun area but it will also be a great specimen on its own near the house where you can admire its color even more along with the flocks of butterflies and hummingbirds it will attract.

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