Blue Seal Vintage Mare and Foal

by Blue Seal
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Blue Seal Vintage Mare and Foal is a coarse/extruded horse feed for sucklings, weanlings, and lactating mares.
  • Packaging:  50-lb Ba
  • Life Stage:  Breeding, Growth
  • Feed Type:  Feed
  • Feed Form:  Textured

Product Description

Vintage Mare & Foal is a nutrient-dense blend of extruded nuggets, oats, flaked corn and barley specifically designed to meet the high demands of foal growth and mare lactation. Lightly wrapped in molasses and vegetable oil, Vintage Mare & Foal is an attractive blend with excellent acceptance and palatability.

Features & Benefit

Blend of Quality Grains and Extruded Nuggets

Blend of Quality Grains and Extruded Nuggets — The blend of oats, corn, barley, and extruded nuggets provides calories to the mare and foal at different rates for controlled energy release. The inclusion of the highly digestible extruded nuggets may help to slow the rate of feed intake, helping to minimize the incidence of digestive upsets with high grain feeding.

Added Amino Acids with Guaranteed Lysine and Methionine

Helps ensure quality protein is available for proper growth and development of muscle tissue. Methionine is essential for good health and condition of hooves and hair coat.

Chelated Zinc, Copper and Manganese, Plus Bio-Available Selenium

The greater mineral absorption and utilization helps meet the increased needs for bone, muscle and tissue strength in growing horses. Proper mineral nutrition can help guard against developmental orthopedic diseases in foals through direct consumption or indirectly through mare’s milk.

Vitamins A, D, E, and Stable Vitamin C

Provides a supplemental source to help guard against deficiencies and maintain optimal health. As potent antioxidants, vitamin E and C maintain cell membrane and tissue integrity, plus support immune system function.

B-Complex Vitamins (including Biotin)

Actively involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and protein into usable energy for growth of skin, hair and hooves.

Fermentation Aids

Yeast culture, probiotics, enzymes and yucca schidigera aid in nutrient digestion, absorption and assimilation resulting in enhanced milk composition and foal growth. Mannan Oligosaccharides support the presence of beneficial bacteria in the gut, resulting in sustained horse health and a more stable digestive tract environment.

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