Blue Seal ecube Complete Horse

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PLEASE NOTE: ēcube™ Complete Senior will be discontinued and ēcube™ Complete Horse will be offered when the Senior product runs out of stock. 

ēcube™ is a forge-based, complete feed consisting primarily of alfalfa and grass in a large cube form. A unique process combines quality forages with minerals and vitamins to meet the horse’s nutritional requirements. The soft, easy to chew total mixed ration (TMR) cube is designed to be fed continuously throughout the day as the only feed source.

FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS: Feed ēcube™ Complete Horse as the sole diet to adult maintenance or light work horses at the rate of 1.5 to 2.5 pounds per 100 pounds of body weight per day depending on breed, individual metabolism and desired condition. If additional hay, pasture or grain ration is offered, contact your Kent Nutrition Group representative for proper feeding recommendations. Provide fresh, clean water daily and free-choice salt.


High Nutritive Value Naturally Low Starch & Sugar Forage

Balanced Nutrition in Every Bite

Consistent Diet at Home or While Traveling

Convenient Feeding & Handling

Minimal Waste with No Sorting

Designed to Break Apart For Easy Chewing

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