Hydrangea brings old-fashioned beauty and charm to your yard and garden. There is a wide variety of types of hydrangea to choose from, some of which will attract pollinators to your yard and garden. They love water and have cup-shaped blooms.

FUN FACT: Hydrangea gets it name from the Greek words "hydros" and "angos" which means "water vessel." How cool is that!?

Mackey's brings in hydrangea from only reputable growers to ensure successful growth. We can help you pick out the perfect trees, shrubs and plants to make your yard a beautiful extension of your home. For over 50 years we've been improving our services with the everyday goal of earning your trust.

Trees and Shrubs can be delivered right to your home and are supported by Mackey’s Green Good Guarantee (VIEW).

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Product availability varies by store. Please contact us for in-store availability.

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