Aspen Song Wild Bird Food Blends

Aspen Song® Wild Bird Food will attract a greater number and variety of seed-eating bird species. Dollar for dollar it is the best value for an economic period in which every dollar counts.

Unlike Aspen Song® Wild Bird Food, inexpensive mixes, which contain cereals and grains, will not attract seed-eaters and may be left uneaten and discarded from the feeder. Because cheap bird food is much less effective in attracting birds, it’s an expensive way to feed birds.

The right quality ingredients, sourced from reliable suppliers, and properly cleaned mean consumers are not paying for inedible material like sticks, stalks, and other harvesting debris. Our formulas are the result of careful testing and a thorough knowledge of desired backyard songbirds. Aspen Song® mixes have been developed with the birds’ needs in mind, not formulated to meet a price point. That is the secret ingredient: integrity.

The mixes are offered in clearly labeled packages that make it easy for the consumer to make intelligent buying decisions.

Aspen Song® makes the most of your bird feeding dollar. It is a better value to pay a little more for a product that works, than it is to pay less for one that doesn’t.

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