Mykos Root Enhancer 1Lb

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MYKOS is a beneficial soil microbe that enhances root structures by forming a symbiotic relationship with a host plant. Acting as an extension of the roots, Mykos increases the plant's ability to source nutrients and water more efficiently in exchange for carbohydrates. Can also increase crop yields & secondary metabolites.


  • Apply around the root zone of plants. Apply weekly through vegetative and early flower stages. 
  • Compatibility
  • MYKOS works in all types of growing media and can be used in combination with synthetic and natural fertilizers. Great for Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs & Flowers. 
MYKOS Application:

Add to the hole, directly around the plant roots. Mykos must come in contact with the roots. Set plant and backfill. Remember to water.


1 - 3 gal container ....... 1 - 2 tbsp

5 - 7 gal container ....... 4 - 6 tbsp

10 - 20 gal container ... 1/2 cup

25 - 50 gal container ... 1 cup

100 gal container ........ 2 cups

Rock Wool Cubes

1. Using a small stake or fork, poke several 1/4 - 1/2" holes in the bottom of the plant hole.

2. Add 1 - 2 tsp to hole, directly under plant roots.

3. Set plant, remember to water.

In Ground & Raised Beds

1 - 2 tbsp per plant around each plant hole or directly to roots.

Sowing Seeds

1 tbsp per foot

1/2 tsp per cell/plug

For Xtreme Results:

Water with Azos & Xtreme tea. Double application rates and mix into top 6" of soil surrounding the plant hole.


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