Spirea, Double Play® Artisan® Spirea (Spiraea Japonica Double Play `Artisan`)

by Mackey's Farm

You will love this plant from the moment it flushes in the spring with a burst of deep purple-red foliage color that sets the landscape ablaze! As the foliage matures to deep blue-green, it becomes very dense on this low, mounding, spreading shrub. Buds begin to appear in late May followed by a blast of deep, pure pink color starting in early June that is totally unlike any other Spiraea you'll see. To add to the uniqueness of the flower color, its bloom time far surpasses that of other similar types stretching into late August while displaying a magnetic personality when it comes to attracting butterflies to the summer garden. In autumn, 'Double Play™ Artist' keeps shining with rich fall foliage colors featuring deep shades of red. Plant it in groupings in any full sun, well drained location for an incredible 3 season color display.

Color: Pink Shades
Height: 24-30 Inches
Spread: 3-4 Feet
Zone: 4-8
  • Deep purple-red foliage color in the spring
  • Foliage matures to deep blue-green
  • Low, mounding, spreading shrub
  • Deep, pure pink flowers starting in early June
  • Blooms last into late August
  • Attracts butterflies
  • Deep shades of red in fall

Homeowner Growing and Maintenance Tips:

Little needed. Trim to shape in early spring. Deadhead after flowering to encourage reblooming. Apply a controlled release fertilizer in spring.

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