Mountain Laurel, Sarah Mountain Laurel (Kalmia lat. Sarah)

by Mackey's Farm
Showy, deep red flower buds open to deep, pinkish-red flowers that are some of the showiest you'll see on any of our varieties! Lustrous, deep green foliage and a dense, rounded landscape habit make this selection a superb landscape plant. A Richard Jaynes' introduction.
  • Deep red buds open to showy, pinkish-red flowers
  • Lustrous, deep green foliage
  • Dense, rounded habit

Color: Green Shades, Pink Shades
Height: 8-10 ft
Spread: 6-8 ft
Zone: 5-8

Characteristics and Attributes

  • Flower Color:
    • Pink
  • Foliage Color:
    • Green

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