Rosa Oso Easy® Cherry Pie Oso Easy® Cherry Pie Rose

by Mackey's Farm
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If only good Cherry Pies were as easy to make as Rosa Oso Easy® Cherry Pie is to grow! Perched above shiny, dark green, disease resistant foliage, Oso Easy® Cherry Pie sprouts an abundance of cherry red, single flowers with striking, white centers surrounding brilliant gold stamens. Not one to be stingy with the bloom, this selection is covered with flowers starting in late May and it will continue to bloom in its tasty Cherry Pie way throughout the summer especially if you do just a little light pruning. Like all the Oso Easy® Roses selections, Cherry Pie is as rewarding and trouble free as the best flowering shrub in your yard...maybe even more rewarding since few shrubs will bloom as long or as hard as this plant. Plant it alone or in mass plantings in any sunny area that needs some pizzazz and flower power.

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