NemaKnights Nematodes Biological Gnat Control Insect Control for Fungus Gnats, Thrips & more

by Mackey's

Traditional nematode formulations have been a successful but limited biocontrol for over 2 decades. NemaKnightsTM is the next generation. Exclusive organic formulation.

  • Based on encapsulated Steinernema feltiae
  • Extended slow release to control of larval soil pests
  • Easy application; simply flip lid and shake in the area with pests
  • Use indoors & outdoors
  • Use for spot treatment or mix into soil
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Insect pest management tool
  • 100% Pesticide free

Using the NemaKnights Fungus Gnat control can act as a preventative measure against fungus gnat populations. Beneficial nematodes for fungus gnat control allow the issue to be solved at the source as the fungus gnat larvae are eliminated by the nematode once it’s released by the adults. This stops the replication cycle and eventually eliminates the pest once the adults perish.

        Target Pests

        • Fungus Gnats
        • Root Aphids
        • Thrips

            Size: 280g~10oz.

            Coverage: Treats up to ~1000 ftTreats up to 50 planters

            How to control fungus gnats in hydroponic plants:

            Hydroponic plants do not use soil, they simply use water and nutrient sources to feed the needs of the plant. Nemaknights can be applied in the water and the nematodes can provide protection at the base of the roots which are present above water. In addition, fungus gnat sticky traps can be used as a method to control these gnats that are in close proximity to the plant. These traps stick to the fungus gnats and ultimately kill them, preventing them from releasing their larvae on the plant surface or roots.

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